Meter Maintenance & Responsibilities

The AGUA Special Utility District customer shall provide unobstructed access to the meter at all times for the purpose of reading, installing, maintaining, checking, repairing, or placing the meter. Each Customer is required to maintain an obstruction-free zone of at least two feet around the meter box. This area shall be kept clear of any items that obstruct access to the meter, including but not limited to fences, shrubs, plants, trees, vehicles, trailers, and trash cans. Access to the meter shall be a direct path, clear of obstructions, from the street to the water meter.

If the Customer fails to provide unobstructed access to the meter, preventing the District from reading, installing, maintaining, checking, repairing, or placing, a notice shall be sent to the Customer explaining the nature of the problem and providing 60 days to remove the obstruction and make the meter accessible. The Customer will also receive an estimated bill for the month in which the meter was not accessible. Failure to remove the obstruction and make the meter accessible within 60 days as provided in the notice is cause for discontinuation of service, which will not be restored until the obstructions are removed. Discontinuation of service shall be performed by locking the meter or closing the service from the main. In both cases, the Customer shall be responsible for the fees associated with each disconnection and restoration of service.

Corrective actions include, but are not limited to, making necessary arrangements to relocate the meter, rerouting the fence that is blocking access, or removing the obstruction from the meter.

The Customer shall ensure that all plumbing connections comply with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s Rules and Regulations.

  • All connections shall be designed to ensure against back-flow or siphonage into AGUA SUD’s water supply.  In particular, livestock water troughs shall be plumbed above the top of the trough with air space between the discharge and the water level in the trough.
  • The use of pipe and pipe fittings that contain more than 8.0% lead or solder and flux that contain more than 0.2% lead is prohibited for any plumbing installations or repair of any residential or non-residential facility providing water for human consumption and connected to AGUA SUD’s facilities.
  • Service shall be discontinued without further notice when installations of new facilities or repair of existing facilities are found to be in violation of this regulation until such time as the violation is corrected.
  • A Customer with multiple accounts shall keep all payments current on all accounts. Failure to maintain current status on all accounts shall be enforceable as per the Rule, Service Application, and Agreement executed by the Customer.
  • AGUA SUD’s ownership and maintenance responsibility of water supply and metering equipment shall end at the point where the Customer connects to the equipment provided by AGUA SUD during the installation of the metering equipment.  Therefore, all water usage registering upon and/or damages occurring to the metering equipment owned and provided by AGUA SUD shall be subject to charges as determined by AGUA SUD’s Rule as amended from time to time by the Board of Directors.
  • AGUA SUD shall require each Customer to provide a cut-off valve on the Customer’s side of the meter for purposes of isolating the Customer’s service pipeline and plumbing facilities from AGUA SUD’s water pressure.  The Customer’s use of AGUA SUD’s curb stop or other similar valve for such purposes is prohibited.  Any damage to AGUA SUD’s equipment shall be subject to service charges.
  • Each Customer shall grant to AGUA SUD any and all easements as may be necessary and reasonable for the provision of water service.